In order to make our shipping more sustainable, we have changed our shipping cartons from conventional cartons to cartons made of grass paper. With this change, we are taking another step in our AFEW STORE Eco Mission.

What is so special about it?

The new box is made of 40% grass paper and 60% recycled paper. This is exactly the right ratio and the maximum amount of grass paper that can be used to make the box still strong enough for shipping.

Less CO2 emission

The advantage of using grass is low CO2 emission. Up to 75% less carbon dioxide will be emitted compared to the production of conventional cartons. At the same time, also 6000 liters will be used less. The processed grass is harvested locally in Düren, Germany. In addition, it was important to us that chemicals are not used during the procedure.

In order to save even more resources, 60% of the box is made of recycled paper. This means that no further trees have to be cut down.

With the new boxes, we are taking another step towards sustainability. Nothing will change for you as a customer, except that your AFEW Sneakers will now be shipped in a more sustainable box.

To read more about the AFEW STORE Eco Mission click here and visit our Instagram channel @afewstore