Tennis, elegant and historic, etched its mark on fashion’s soul. Being outstanding at the posh game guarantees fame and wealth, not to the likes of our hero: Dino Russo.

Dino was one of the best players in the world, but he never turned professional because he played tennis out of pure passion. Everyone came to play against him whether Boris or McEnroe, Lendl or Wilander. He played against the best in the world, but he was never beaten on his own court. Many tennis legends still come to visit Dino today because he is such a special person. There are many stories and myths about Dino but is said that he always played with the same shoe.

AFEW and Diadora pay homage to the greatest player a court has seen, that never went pro but stayed true to his passion.

The AFEW x Diadora B.560 “Dino Russo” drops on July 22 via Raffle Release.