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Just over a year after the release of Afew Goods’ first runner, the Yamasura “Soil”, the release of the second colorway of the in-house silhouette is set for October 1: the Yamasura “Dawn”. The inspiration The release of the “Soil” was a resounding success for Afew Goods. Our design was well-received among sneaker enthusiasts, and […]

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A huge thank you to everyone who attended our AFEW UNITY JAM BLOCK PARTY. To everyone who supported us and celebrated with us. Titled Unity – Einigkeit, the AFEW Unity Jam Block Party took place on September 03, 2022. With free drinks like Paulaner Spezi, Proviant and Chiemseer and free food from in sunny […]

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The first collaboration between Montreal-based studio JJJJound and ASICS has succeeded with the two colorways on the GEL-Kayano 14. JJJound is known for its classic and elegant collaborations and the simple and subtle design has also been adopted on the two GEL-Kayano 14 colorways. The retro silhouette features a 2000s-like aesthetic and combines performance with […]

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ON Running Gemstone Collection

ON’s latest “Hidden Gems” collection is inspired by the gems and minerals that can be found in the mountains of Switzerland. The hunt for crystals in the mountains serves as a source of inspiration. It is reflected in the design of ON’s popular Cloudultra and The Roger Clubhouse silhouettes. As an added detail, each shoebox […]

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Mizuno “Desert Meditation Pack”

Mizuno’s “Desert Meditation Pack” finds its inspiration in the deserts of the world and the inner balance they give. Deserts surround a mysterious vibe. In the emptiness and apparent solitude, the soul finds its peace and balance. The pack consists of the Mizuno Wave Rider 10, the Wave Prophecy LS, and the Wave Mujin LS […]

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New Balance 9060 “Sea Salt”

Modernity meets classic design elements and proven technologies. Inspired by the 990 series and the 2000s, the latest silhouette of the New Balance 9060 is a real eye-catcher. The sleek design of the New Balance 9060 “Sea Salt” stands out with its refined concept. The colorway captivates with a combination of beige and gray tones […]

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