Afew Goods Heart Work Collection

Saturday, June 3, is Organ Donation Day 2023. Every year this day takes place on the first Saturday in June and is intended to set a sign for the importance of organ donation and the decision to do so. At the same time also to draw attention to this socially so relevant issue and to remember the people who have saved lives with their organ donation.

On the occasion of Organ Donation Day, Afew Goods presents the Heart Work Collection to raise awareness about a life-threatening issue that can suddenly hit any of us!

Our society is hardly used to long waiting times in our everyday lives. We communicate everything in real time today. Even with delivery services like Amazon and “same day” deliveries, we are spoiled for time. The opposite is true with organ donation.

People in need of a donor heart wait an average of 100 days to receive one. Some even wait years. In Germany, there are significantly fewer donors than people waiting for an organ.

Please consider getting an organ donor card to help save lives!

The Afew Goods Heart Work collection will be released on June 3!