AFEW STORE x NATURSTROM – ECO MISSION – The switch to green energy

With the AFEW STORE Eco Mission, we are trying to structure all our processes more sustainable.

We have also taken a further step towards sustainability with eco-energy. With the store, we have already switched to NATURSTROM, and the office is also following the change to real eco-energy. In this way, we are moving ever closer to our goal of the Eco Mission – to redesign all our processes as sustainable as possible, step by step.

Even though we are aware that the textile industry is not one of the most sustainable sectors, we have asked ourselves how we can make our processes as sustainable as possible. We have started to question how we can make our processes more sustainable and make our contribution to the climate and the environment.

Even with small changes, everyone can do their part to make the use of resources more sustainable.

That’s why we invite you to make the switch to NATURSTROM and do your part. With just a few minutes, you can already make a big difference and commit yourself to the climate and the environment. As a thank you for switching to NATURSTROM, you will receive an AFEW STORE shopping voucher worth 40 euros each.

To switch or just compare prices, for the time being, all you have to do is go to the “NATURSTROM x AFEW STORE” landing page.