AFEW DAY 2019 | RECAP | Re-Release & Party

The morning of the AFEW Day 2019 was a wet cold start to the day. Nevertheless, several hundred people did not hesitate to line up for a Raffle ticket. The goal? To get a chance to get some of our last year’s hottest collab sneakers.

Apropos “hot” – our good friends from “Rösterei Vier” provided hot coffee to our AFEW community. Instead of having to pay for it, everyone was able to make a small donation to the “Kumanga” relief organization.

After all tickets were distributed, Armin picked up the megaphone and immediately started announcing the winners. How could it have been any other way, the Highly Addictive “NYC” and the Orange Koi were the first to be sold out.

In addition, we were also able to put a smile on the faces of some people with the re-release of older Collabs, which was announced at short notice. It was a stressless morning that went smoothly without causing any troubles. To celebrate the successful AFEW Day release, our party took place in the evening.


A somewhat calmer evening that developed into a big dance-off as time went by. Our partner in crime “Heineken” of course provided everyone with enough beer for free. We looked back on the day, met old-known faces and romped around to the strong music of DJ Stzy. After a nice party the AFEW Day 2019 came to an end. Congratulations to all winners again, thanks to the whole community, Heineken, DJ stzy and Rösterei Vier!