AFEW STORE – Eco Mission, we planted over 15.000 trees

The mission to create a better world has always been present within AFEW’s structure. We can all agree that collaborations with brands from all corners of the world make for quite a buzz, we can all agree that the Dunk is now back for more and that Jordan’s legacy keeps on pushing with the release of more and more breath-taking colourways.

Nevertheless, our journey and purpose are much more than that.

If you remember, not that long ago, the AFEW STORE “Intergalactic Bag” was made available. Designed by the one and only Takumi Ogata, made from organic cotton and GOTS-certified, the main target was to make costumers re-use that same bag when visiting, or even better, NOT to use a bag at all.

Additionally, when re-using the so-called tote bag, the world itself can further save on resources such as water, energy and cotton.

As much as we like to give, the voluntary action of not taking a bag or re-using our tote bag does not come on its own. In fact, for every single person that renounced a bag, we made a pledge: 10 new trees would be planted in Malawi for each and every single bagless purchase.

Our goal was achieved. Almost 1500 people shopped without a bag and we planted over 15.000 trees between November 2020 and January 2021. Yet, we could not do it by ourselves. When planting such a great number of trees within 6 hectares of Malawi land, we joined forces with Ntchisi Forest Lodge, Rösterei-Vier and Kumanga, as well as the local Mpamila Football Club to make it happen.

In return, AFEW STORE helped the local team to rebuild their football field. It is interesting to watch how, in this chain reaction, everyone ends up happy and feeling rewarded.

These were the species that we planted (Local Name / English Name):

Chafira / Fluted Milkwood; Nakaledza / Bell Bean; Mmbimbe / Spoonwood; Mpasa / Tree Hibiscus; Mbawa / African Mahogany; Kafupa / African Coca Tree; Msenjele; Katope / Water Berry; Sindeleya / Toner Silater; Mmwaye; Zumila / Red Stinkwood; Chiwere; Mmbale; Mfukusa / Mussaenda.

Even with the global situation we all know of, shop closures and everything else you may think of, we hope to put a smile on your face on these atypical and adverse moments our society is going through.



Afonso Piinheiro