Afew x Diadora V.7000 “The Cure” Tokyo Release @ Beams T + #afewaddicted Challenge – Recap

Together with Dr. Wefa we will finally release the Afew x Diadora V.7000 “Highly Addictive” next Saturday, of course we don’t want to deprive you of the recap from “The Cure” release in Tokyo and the “#afewaddicted” Challenge.

Afew x Diadora V.7000 “The Cure” – Tokyo Release @ Beams T

Since the epicenter of sneaker addiction is in Tokyo, we brought “The Cure” to where it is needed most. In Harajuku/Tokyo, over 200 “sneaker addicts” gathered in front of the Beams T Store at 10:30 on Saturday morning because they wanted to be cured. 40 lucky raffle winners of the over 200 people were rewarded for their wait and got to call the Afew x Diadora V.7000 “The Cure” their own.

Video by: Hiroyuki Suzuki | Instagram: @yukigraphics
Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_06 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_05 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_07 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_08 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_09 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_10 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_11 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_12 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_21 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_20 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_19 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_03

Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_01 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_02 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_04 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_13 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_22 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_18 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_17 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_16 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_15 Afew_BeamsT_Diadora_The_Cure_14

#afewaddicted Challenge

Before “The Cure” release in Tokyo, Dr. Wefa challenged our fans to show us how “sneaker addicted” they are to cure 5 people with “The Cure”. Over 900 entries were sent in via Instagram within 4 days from sneaker addicts all over the world and we were really impressed with the creativity & number of entries. The 5 lucky winners were personally notified by Dr. Wefa and can now consider themselves cured!

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