A tribute to all the first coaches who leveled the way for athletes to become professionals. This pack is a nod to those coaches and their influence on the road to professional sports.

The “To My First Coach” Pack is made up of three different Jordan 1’s models all dressed in the same color scheme. Bright color scheme of yellow, red, and blue mixed with a white upper is found on all three models.

The pack includes the Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT “To My First Coach”. Here, a red mudguard, yellow lace reinforcement, and blue ankle strap and heel in a shade of blue set the contrast to the upper in Sail.

Another one is the Air Jordan 1 Low “To My First Coach” which is also in the same color combination. The positioning of the colors is also the same for this model as well as for the Zoom.

The third model is the WMNS Air Jordan 1 MID “To My First Coach”, which also features a yellow lace reinforcement. However, the colors of the mudguard, heel, and ankle strap are reversed compared to the Zoom and the Jordan 1 Low. Mudguard and toebox are light blue, while heel and ankle strap are red.

In addition, there is the processing of different leather materials, which are distributed over the individual upper elements. The processed material is a mix of suede, smooth and glossy leather.

Along with the colorful upper, you can find hangtags on each of the three models. On one side “To My First Coach” and on the other side “Thank You” makes the design complete.