Air Jordan XI Retro “Cherry”

Family is always there. Not just at Christmastime, family is important, but in everyday life. The AJXI “Cherry” brings this family aspect into a new light. Not only is it highly anticipated for its annual release, but it also shows unity. Iconic product details meet modern styling. The unexpected creativity taps into current trends as well.

The Jordan 11 “Cherry” is a faithful recreation of its low-top predecessor. Even though it’s a bit bigger, it doesn’t fall short in terms of design and technology. The upper is done in white, as are the tongue, laces, and midsole. The overlays shine in patent leather in the same-named red. The red is also found in the Jumpman logo, heel tab, lining, and insole. The AJXI’s outsole features a bright ice-blue finish to round out the design.

We’ve partnered with Creative Collective @40village. 40Village stands for community. Like a second family, everyone is welcome here. Founded this year in their hometown Düsseldorf, they organize dance sessions, free hip-hop classes, all-style training, jams, and workshops together. This makes dance culture accessible to everyone interested. Movement connects and brings together, and with it, you can pass on emotions. This is how Düsseldorf can be rethought and what Düsseldorf is for everyone. 40Village is Düsseldorf, is the community, is family. Re-thought and constantly evolving, in and with the community.

Next to our hometown, we share the same values: Community, Diversity, and Tolerance.