From the court to the street

The codes and culture surrounding sports are a constant inspiration for Louise Trotter. This is where she finds her dynamic approach to design for Lacoste. From the world of tennis to cycling, basketball, and other urban sports, movement, ease, and functionality are paramount to the design process. Blending athleticism with everyday wear, the collection blurs the lines between performance and aesthetics. From the playing field to the street and summer in the city.

Chic and sportiness are combined and presented in a reinterpreted form. Classic sports references are transformed by new color research in perception. The already familiar Lacoste color palette is expanded with new bright tones, combined, and reinterpreted. The ventilation of garments is explored through mesh logo panels and ventilated inserts and used in the new collection. Cut-out sneakers with bungee cord lacing highlight the youthful spirit of the new summer collection.