Jeremy Scott x adidas Adilette Teddy

Release: 11.11.


Early History

„The Adidas with the Wings“, that’s what the famous designs of Jeremy Scott, which brought the designer from Kansas a huge following in 2008, get called these days. With trends like Y2k, which are gaining more popularity, his designs are celebrating a comeback. His Moschino and Adidas collections are his only designs the mainstream really knows about, but there´s a lot more to discover about Scott.

By the time he went to elementary school, his teachers told him to study fashion design, but he got rejected from the FDI New York with some of his first sketches. The examiner didn´t see enough creativity in his work. But that didn´t stop Scott from designing, later he gets accepted at the Pratt Institute. In 2000, Jeremy Scott celebrates his debut at the Paris Fashion Week, with an 80s inspired womenswear collection. The collection represents the life of a working woman, with multiple trenchcoat variations, lightweight summer dresses for the leisure time and pastel dessous for the night time.

Adidas x Jeremy Scott

In the following years, Scott managed to fascinate many celebrities with his designs, which find their place in the 2000s Fashion culture. He starts to work with famous personalities like Björk, Katy Perry, Madonna, and even A$AP Rocky or Kanye West, who have a huge influence in today´s Streetwear scene.

After his first time working with Adidas in 2002 for the “!Signed” project, he released his own Adidas collection in 2008, which attracted more mainstream customers. Following his first collaboration with Adidas, he released the Js Wings x A$AP Rocky, which brought him closer to combining High Fashion and Streetwear.

Adidas and Jeremy Scott originally ended their cooperation in 2015, but the two partners came back together in 2021, first to release a Forum High in multiple colorways, then a Forum Wings 1.0 in the “Money” colorway and this month they are re-releasing his iconic Teddy Bear design on the Adilette. The sandal comes in a bright yellow with a flashy orange Teddybear on the top. Clearly not a design for everyone but their collaboration may bring Adidas back on a more experimental track.