Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon” 2021

And here it is. Arguably the most coveted release of 2021 so far, the iconic Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon” sees, yet again, the light of day, continuing to celebrate the silhouette’s anniversary.

Around here, we do not like to advertise rumours. However, we have been eagerly waiting for this drop since 2020. Their return was much anticipated and will be up for grabs on Air Max Day.

The original and timeless “Bacon” debuted in 2004 in New York, Manhattan, in collaboration with the now-closed Dave’s Quality Meats (aka DQM) once owned and operated by Dave Ortiz. As the story goes, it was quite straightforward: just before the project deadline, Ortiz found himself rather hungry and went to his local bodega and ordered a bacon, egg and cheese, which inspired the overall design. End of story, and history was made.

This sizzling pair, even though it is no longer a collaboration, draws inspiration from its primordial offering, still dressed in Sail, Straw-Medium Brown and Sheen. In all honesty, what makes this pair very special is the prime-cut array of colours. Everything just lines up perfectly, even after 17 years.

Think about it – who doesn’t love bacon?!

This tasty breakfast iteration is built using leather and suede, and boasts a fat Air bubble as well as a dark-gum outsole.

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Afonso Piinheiro