Nike Dunk High “Curry”

The Dunk-mania remains at its highest, sticking around for next season – no questions asked. For now, we would like to present to you the new Nike Dunk High “Dark Russet” AKA “Curry”.

Some may argue that this colourway would be a better fit for the Autumn period, but do not be fooled: it goes just perfectly with current weather conditions. This High iteration of the Nike Dunk boasts hues of brown across its premium suede upper, delivering a spicy flavour to your Spring-ready wardrobe, prepared to face any kind of obstacle or adverse weather.

Moreover, its caramel-like Swoosh delivers a sweet and buttery contrast with its off-white midsole and cream outsole, making it as comfortable as it is appealing.

And the rest is history as they say, keeping the Dunk legacy alive since the mid 80’s. Once loved by basketball superstars, later adopted by the skateboarding community, and now more than ever linked to a lifestyle ethos, the silhouette mixes and matches details and takes cues from the Nike Air Jordan 1 and, of course, the Nike Terminator. All three were developed around the same time, and originally sketched by Peter Moore.

Get your history right and grab yours online on the 6th of February.

Afonso Piinheiro