ON Cloudnova Z5

The inspiration for the ON Cloudnova Z5 in black and cyan blue is found in Iceland.

The blue lagoons and black sand beaches of Iceland serve as inspiration for the stylish upper of the Z5. A combination of style and the unique CloudTec technology makes the shoe not only a real eye-catcher but also a super comfortable sneaker that is suitable for all eventualities. Whether it’s just for everyday wear or sporting activity, the ON Cloudnova Z5 can always be combined.

The black upper is made of ultra-thin nano-mesh. Through a skeleton-like structure, the support here is once again strengthened. Nevertheless, the upper is breathable and soft. The sole consists of a combination of the well-known CloudTec technology and the custom Speedboard. This new design was developed in the ON laboratory in Zurich’s Kreis 5, which is also the eponym. The Speedboard not only ensures optimal comfort of the foot but also supports the natural rolling and movement of the foot at the same time. Combined with the proven CloudTec sole, the ON Cloudnova Z5 is the next generation of Cloudnova. The black design is further enhanced by the cyan blue accents.

The iconic, bright, and eye-catching neon upper combined with the otherwise simple design and unique technology makes the ON Cloudnova Z5 a real head-turner.