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No Ramen, No Life – Ramen is probably one of the most popular dishes in Japan. Anyone who has ever been to Japan knows that you can get such a delicious noodle soup almost everywhere.

On the occasion of Japan Day 2019 we have fulfilled a small dream. The AFEW STORE gets its own ramen!

Namely, we’ve teamed up with Takumi for this project. Takumi is a ramen restaurant in Düsseldorf and only five minutes walking distance from our store. Not only the short distance makes Takumi a popular spot for lunch, but also the unique taste of the soup. All the more we were happy when the collaboration with our favorite ramen spot worked out. With the project we celebrate another chapter of German-Japanese friendship, which we kicked off with the release of the AFEW X ASICS GEL-LYTE III “Koi” in 2015. In 2018, the theme of German-Japanese friendship then became the main theme of our AFEW X BEAMS X ASICS GEL-LYTE III “Orange Koi” collaboration.

However, the AFEW Ramen will only be available on 01.06., which are limited to 100 soups! In addition, we release to the soup still two T-shirts! So you have the collabo not only in the stomach, but can also wear it.

Veggie or pork?

The recipe for the ramen was developed together with Takumi. The soup has a soy edamame base. It’s nice and creamy, spicy – or simply put, oishidesu!

As a small tribute to our store,we have not used ordinary noodles, but Laces!

No, nonsense – the AFEW ramen comes with green matcha noodles. However, the matcha does not taste as intense as in a tea or coffee. It is primarily used to color the noodles. As befits a typical ramen, pork belly is served as a side dish. Additional flavor comes from the bamboo shoots and mini pak choi. On top, as a topping, the ramen still has roasted noodles, which provide the certain crunch. And not to forget: the obligatory egg – this time with AFEW branding!  In addition to the pork version, a veggie recipe has also been tweaked. Instead of the meat, you get delicious mushrooms.

Numb Mouth

For the necessary kick in the soup, Szechuan pepper is added. This pepper tastes slightly spicy, but also has something refreshing in the flavor. If you put too much of it in the soup, your lips may become slightly numb. It may sound harsh, but the pepper is more harmless than the chili sauce at the Mexican restaurant.

Ramen Master & We Love Ramen

As we said, we still have two t-shirts up our sleeve. One black and one white t-shirt. The design is by Takumi Ogata and was designed specifically for the collab.

The white T-shirt has as a backpiece the “Ramen Master” of Takumi and a Japanese wisdom printed. This states, “One ramen, one smile!”. You can get the “Ramen Master” T-shirt from 25.05. from 11:00 clock in our store.

On the black “We Love Ramen” T-shirt, however, a different message is carried to the outside. It says on the back in Japanese, “We cook fresh pork bone soup” and “We love ramen.” This t-shirt is also limited to 100 pieces. It will be sold exclusively at Takumi (Immermannstr. 28) and ONLY in combination with a dish of our AFEW Ramen.

The sale of AFEW Ramen will start at Takumi on 01.06. and will only take place from 10 – 11:30 am. So don’t eat breakfast that day and start your day off right with a delicious ramen, as well as a fresh new AFEW X Takumi t-shirt.

Important!!! The t-shirts are limited to 100 pieces each.

Release of the white “Ramen Master” t-shirt:
05/25 @AFEW STORE 11:00 am.
Limited to 100 pieces
35€ per piece

Release of the black “We Love Ramen” t-shirt:
01.06. @TAKUMI Immermannstr. 28 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Limited to 100 pieces
The black t-shirt is ONLY available in combination with the AFEW RAMEN. Or with each dish you get the “We Love Ramen” t-shirt in addition.
Price for AFEW Ramen + “We Love Ramen” T-Shirt: 50€.

Japan Day 2019 & DFB Cup Final

On Japan Day 2019 on May 25, you are cordially invited to our AFEW X Takumi event. Drinks and snacks will be provided as always. This time, who else, Takumi will do the catering and provide us with their goodies. At the same time we show in the evening the DFB Cup Final between FC Bayern Munich against RB Leipzig. So come to the Rudelgucken and enjoy with us delicious karaage and cool Kirin beer. The event starts on 25.05. at 20:00.

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