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ACG HO21 – Discover the Outdoor

Nike’s Outdoor Line ACG or All Conditions Gear shows the connection to nature and stands for sustainability. The motto: “Designed, Tested, and Made on Planet Earth. For Outdoor use.” is clearly defined and is also reflected in the actions of the community. The needs and wishes of the community as well as nature are the […]

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ACG – Düsseldorf Park Guide

Discover the outdoors All Conditions Gear or ACG is Nike’s outdoor line, which is meant to represent and embody the connection to nature. Nike’s collaboration with the earth, where sustainability is clearly in the foreground. The connection to the earth is defined and not only in the product collection but also in the actions of […]

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ACG Guide – How to explore Düsseldorf

Nike’s ACG Line stands for All Conditions Gear and enjoys a large community in our circles. The motto is: “Designed, Tested, and Made on Planet Earth. For Outdoor Use” and it clearly shows what the philosophy behind it is. A balanced collaboration with nature. ACG collections are always developed with one eye on the community […]

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Nike ACG Move to Zero Collection 2020

The Nike ACG collection is known for its stylish designs, yet functional garments. ACG connects outerwear aesthetics with an urban vibe like no other. Exactly this quality of Nike ACG are we pointing out in our Video – the connection between nature and the urban jungle.Move to ZeroThe fall/winter collection is all about Nike’s “Move […]

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