ACG Guide – How to explore Düsseldorf

Nike’s ACG Line stands for All Conditions Gear and enjoys a large community in our circles. The motto is: “Designed, Tested, and Made on Planet Earth. For Outdoor Use” and it clearly shows what the philosophy behind it is. A balanced collaboration with nature. ACG collections are always developed with one eye on the community and one on nature. And, to wear parts of the collection it doesn’t matter if you’ve never hiked before in your life, or are an absolute full-blooded wilderness professional.

To develop new collections, each new season the ACG team gets inspired by different places, such as volcanic landscapes, jungles, deserts and more. Each time, all pieces in the collections are tested from front to back for functionality and durability. Sustainability also plays an important role, so they are constantly looking for new ways to make the collections even more sustainable. We only have one earth and it should not be harmed in the development processes.

The summer 21 collection is called “Punalu’u, Hawai’i.” Hawaii is arguably the summer paradise, with many different microclimates spread across the island, offering the ultimate summer feeling. The lifestyle motto can also be transported to Düsseldorf. Even with little effort, you can escape the hectic pace of the city and find a little Hawaiian paradise within Düsseldorf without having to travel.

Get out there, grab a friend and let nature sues you.

Be active and go on an adventure. Make plans with a friend. Meet that friend in the morning to explore your city and find new places in nature nearby. Have fun in the outdoors. Enjoy spending time with a friend and being outside in nature together.

Go and grab your morning coffee or tea. Take your friend with you. Enjoy the little moments. Smell the aroma of the coffee or the tea and feel the warmth of the cup in your hands. Taste the specific flavor of your favorite morning drink. While you enjoy your morning coffee or tea chat with your friend or celebrate the morning drink in silence.

Grab a map and check out your city on there. Drive with your finger along the Rhein. Choose a place close to where your life. Find a public outdoor space where you want to rest and stay with your friend for the day. Once you have found a spot where you and your friend want to stay, navigate your way through the maps and find a spot where you can cross the Rhein. Look for the ferry station and inform yourself about the departure times. Take your friend and go outside.

Go outside and grab your bikes. Carry the map with you to guide you through the right way. Get on the bike. Ride your bike out of the city and into mother nature. Out of the hectic day into the silence of nature. Drive through the streets into nature and to the ferry station.

Go on the ferry and let it carry you across the Rhein. Go and look around, notice the natural world that surrounds you and your friend. Interact with nature, pause, and use your senses to feel your environment. Enjoy the wind in your hair and see the waves on the water. Soak it all in.

Find a comfortable place in nature. Sit back, relax and enjoy it. Take a moment to breathe in and listen to the sounds of your surroundings. Disconnect from the city and find peace in the outdoors. Slow down from the stress and try to live in the present.  Connect with the outdoors and enjoy. Appreciate your surroundings. Unplug and be one with nature.