Nike ACG Move to Zero Collection 2020

The Nike ACG collection is known for its stylish designs, yet functional garments. ACG connects outerwear aesthetics with an urban vibe like no other. Exactly this quality of Nike ACG are we pointing out in our Video – the connection between nature and the urban jungle.

Move to Zero

The fall/winter collection is all about Nike’s “Move to Zero” project. The project was launched in 2019 and its mission is to neutralizing carbon dioxide emissions within the Nike Group. For example, production waste is reprocessed and reused for production.

The new Nike ACG “Move to Zero” collection follows exactly this principle. The new outdoor jackets, pants and beanies are partly made of 100% recycled material. Additionally, Gore-Tex is used, which makes the clothing waterproof, windproof and breathable. In this combination, you get sustainable functional clothing with the unique look of the Nike ACG line.

This collection connects the city with nature. This collection has the purpose to bring you back to nature. This collection is designed to decelerate your everyday life. But with Nike ACG you’re still protected from the weather in the city as well as in nature – clothing that connects city and nature.

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All scenes were filmed before the Covid-19 lockdown and in accordance with local hygienic rules.