Autry Action Shoes

Autry Action Shoes – known as “the shoe with the American flag” is now also available in our store. The Autry Action Shoes embody the 80s vibe like no other brand. Since its founding in Texas in 1982, the brand has added only a few silhouettes to its range. One of the few styles that have been sold continuously on the market until today is the Autry Action Shoes Medalist.

The Medalist is a sneaker in a classic tennis shoe design. But the basic idea behind the Medalist was to create a sneaker allrounder. An allrounder for tennis, running and aerobics – typical for the 80s. To cover all sports in the base, the sole was made thicker and wider for the necessary grip. The upper material is made of robust and soft leather. Thanks to the classic design elements, such as a mudguard and the perforated toebox, the shoe not only has a timeless design, but is also breathable.

To further enhance the vibe of a vintage sneaker, the Autry Action Shoes Medalist comes with beautiful “off white” midsoles. If you like the sneaker style of the 80s, you should take a closer look at the Autry Medalist. Even though it looks like many classic sneakers, the silhouette differs in detail. As already mentioned, the sole is wider and thicker than usual sneakers of this generation. And also the shape of the upper material is a bit bulkier. Nevertheless, the sneaker retains the sporty character, just like a vintage sneaker should have.

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