The OG Gel-Lyte III is part of the colorful “Day Lyte Pack” that stands out with its rainbow-colored details and is released to match the summer and warm days. The new Asics Gel-Lyte III “Day Lyte” adorns the upper with the beautiful color code “Tourmaline”.

Tourmalines are minerals that belong to the group of precious stones or gemstones. They can appear in a wide variety of bright colors and sometimes even have shades of color within a stone. The color palette ranges from colorless, black or white to, blue, green, yellow, red, pink, purple, orange, brown, or even gray.

Gel-Lyte III

The upper of the Gel-Lyte III is made of a material mix of suede and mesh. It is composed of many bright colors, each of which can also be found in the stones of the tourmaline group. Of course, the signature split-tongue of the Gel-Lyte III should not be missing either.

The mesh toebox is a bright green and is framed by a blue suede mudguard. Shifting from green at the forefoot, to a purple at the midfoot, the mesh upper changes to an orange-yellow at the heel and split tongue. The interior of the shoe features red mesh. A blue suede overlay can also be found on the heel, as well as a yellow one, while green, purple and orange overlays can be found on the midfoot. The laces are also purple. A black overlay can be found at the heel, which, in addition to its function of stabilization, also calms the colorful creation down a bit. The black outsole also offers a contrast. At the same time, the midsole in yellow and green also ties in with the rainbow-colored upper.

The summery and colorful look is not only perfect for the hot days but also convinces with its running feel. The all-time favorite not only impresses with its unique design. ASICS GEL technology has been built into the OG Retro Runner, which ensures a pleasant running feeling.



Light and Shadow

The Day Lyte Pack not only plays with the colors of the rainbow but also with the variation of light and shadow. We also picked up on this game in our shoot for the Gel-Lyte III. Here, light and shadow meet a clean ambiance. Combined with the morning sun, the location offers the right image to show the contrasts between still life and colorful sneaker. The multicolored Gel-Lyte III not only forms the contrast to the clean location, but also the bright sunlight. The sneaker becomes a true highlight.