New Balance Trendsilhouette 327

Traditional style meets modern design.

Inspired by the silhouettes of the 70s, New Balance’s latest silhouette, the NB 327, is a mix of a retro runner with futuristic design elements. The 327 sneaker transforms traditional style into a modern trend sneaker. A tribute to the iconic running shoe silhouettes from the 1970s.

Released in 1976, the New Balance 320 was a popular running shoe and won quite a few races as a result. With the 355 and the Comp series followed in 1977 other runner models quickly created a buzz. Here, the lugged rubber sole brought optimal grip and stability on any surface for the runner.

While the rubber sole of the 327 models was inspired by the two runners released in 1977, New Balance also used its archives for the upper. The upper is based on the 320 sneakers and has been further enhanced with modern details. Made from suede, mesh, and nylon, they are exceptionally comfortable thanks to their lightweight, breathable construction. The minimalist design is further enhanced by the oversized “N” logo on the side. The Boston-based brand’s signature logo becomes a real eye-catcher. This branding is an eye-catcher, as is the sole, and together with the otherwise simple design, a retro runner becomes a futuristic alternative for everyday wear.

Summer Look

This new trend sneaker is not only a real eye-catcher from the silhouette, but also convinces with its color ensemble. The latest collection is based on summer colors and adapts to the weather and mood. The New Balance MS 327 LC1 shines in a mix of blue. Nylon upper in a darker blue contrasts with the light blue suede. The New Balance WS 327 LF1 shines in a summery mix of yellow and orange. Here, the leather is in the bolder shade of yellow and the nylon upper offers a paler base. With the New Balance MS 327 LD1, a shade of red completes the summery palette. Like the other models, the “N” logo is kept in white, as is the inside of the shoe.