Nikes „Plant Cork Pack“

Nike’s “Plant Cork Pack” is part of a new project by Nike that aims to focus on sustainability. Nike allows designers to research natural dyeing processes. The aim is to make the production and dyeing of sneakers more eco-friendly.

This collection relies on well-known and equally popular retro basketball silhouettes, such as the Blazer and the Air Force 1. The step into a more sustainable future is achieved through materials and further production processes. Old-school designs of the sneakers are retained, with the Swoosh and upper maintaining the clean look. The upper is made entirely of canvas and all models of the pack contain additional cork elements. Each model is dedicated to a plant, which is not only visually embroidered on the sneaker. It also colors the heel reinforcement and Swoosh. The descriptions of each plant dedicated to the shoe can also be found on the heel of the retro models in the collection.

On the NIKE WMNS AIR FORCE 1 ’07 SE models, the Cork elements are found in the outsole and lace tag, as well as the stitching on the heel. The Blazer, on the other hand, picks up the Cork design in the heel seam, tongue and lace tag as well.


The upper of the NIKE BLAZER MID ’77 “Black” is kept in black. This dark upper is accented by the heel reinforcement and the Swoosh is cream brown. The heel features an embroidered image of a pomegranate plant used in the dyeing process. In addition to the Nike lettering on the heel reinforcement, there is also explanatory text with details about the plant in question.



The NIKE WMNS AIR FORCE 1 ’07 SE “Indigo” and the NIKE WMNS BLAZER MID ’77 SE “Indigo” are both named after the dye-providing plant indigo. Linen upper in white is punctuated by the Swoosh and heel panel in indigo blue. The plant description can be found as well as the plant itself on the heel. Also the cork elements may not be missing here.



The Catechu plant provides the dye for the “Light Sienna” in the NIKE WMNS AIR FORCE 1 ’07 SE “Catechu” and the NIKE WMNS BLAZER MID ’77 SE “Catechu”. This model is designed just like the others. The light linen is upper with the colored accents and the plant embroidered on it.