Afew “10th Anniversary” The Retrospective Book X Klippenziege Gin

Our 10th birthday is just around the corner! Do you remember what your first 10 years of life were like? I, at least not! But my parents took some photos of me to capture those moments.

The same goes for the Afew store, of course. Since 2008 we have stock, and now we have also all the moments of the past decade in a book together. The result is the Afew “1oth Anniversary” The Retrospective Book. Besides the many archive photos of the old store, events and funny moments, there are also some background stories included, which you certainly did not know yet.

From October 20th you can get hold of one of the books, which are limited to 500 copies.

Afew “10th Anniversary” The Retrospective Book

Gin – “Made in Germany”

How about a Le Gurk, a Gin Mule or just a Gin and Tonic? No matter which long drink you mix, one ingredient is essential – gin!
For this we have teamed up with Klippenziege from Düsseldorf and create an exclusive gin for you guys!
With it you can mix your favorite gin long drinks and highballs and always have a piece of Düsseldorf in the drink. Because the Klippenziege Gin is “Made in Germany.”

From 20 October 2018, the gin will be available for purchase instore store only.

+ Dear people, we do not want to encourage alcohol consumption with the collaboration. Therefore, always drink consciously and not to unconsciousness and in any case – Don’t drink and drive! +

Afew “10th Anniversary” X Klippenziege Gin

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The taste

Here’s some more info on Klippenziege and the gin:

The juniper distillate from the Rhine metropolis Düsseldorf does real pioneering work. Among the distilled botanicals are namely exotic, which you otherwise know only from your cereal. Klippenziege Mate Dry Gin is the first gin in Germany to use the Latin American vitamin bomb physalis, which gives the drink a fruity, refreshing note. Goji berry and the caffeinated yerba mate round out the exceptional taste. Also included are lemon balm, coriander, buckthorn and rose petal – the rest remains a secret.
All these unique botanicals form the soul of the gin and make it very different. The traditional Habbel distillery has been distilling in the heart of the Ruhr region since 1878 and attaches great importance to finesse. Even the exterior – bottle, label and cork – are genuine craftsmanship. The Klippenziege Mate Dry Gin once again lives up to the label “Made in Germany”.