AFEW STORE Intergalactic Bag | More than a new Design | AFEW STORE Eco Mission


AFEW STORE Eco MissionWe proudly present you the new AFEW STORE “Intergalactic” bag, which was created in collaboration with the Japanese artist Takumi Ogata. But not only the design is new. As part of the AFEW STORE Eco Mission, we want to make our bags and the way we use them more sustainable. From now on all bags are made of organic cotton and are GOTS certified. As strange as this may sound – we want you to NOT take any more bags with you when you shop in-store.

Less bags – more trees

The production of a single bag consumes resources such as water, energy, cotton, etc. To save resources, we want to motivate you to do without a bag. The easiest way is to take your own bag with you and reuse an existing bag, or just take the sneakers in their box.

The voluntary renouncement of the bag should not be in vain, of course. In return, 10 new trees will be planted in Malawi for each “bagless purchase”.

The Goal

Our goal is to plant indigenous trees in a field of six hectares in Malawi this year, during the rainy season in November. This corresponds to about 15000 new trees.

For this purpose, we have joined forces with our friends from Ntchisi Forestlodge (among others also responsible for Rösterei-Vier & Kumanga) and the local Mpamila Football Club and specify a cleared forest area near the lodge.

Working together for success

It was important for us to involve the local community in this project. Therefore the team from the Mpamila Football Club joined us. They will plant the trees for us in November. In return, we have supported them financially in rebuilding their football field.

To read more about the AFEW STORE Eco Mission click here and visit our Instagram channel @afewstore

Takumi Ogata: @artist_takumi_ogata