Air Jordan Zoom 92 | AFEW STORE

The all-new Air Jordan Zoom 92 reflects the long tradition and basketball history of Nike and Air Jordan from 1992. The basketball sneaker combines three iconic Nike and Air Jordan styles of its time in one silhouette – the Air Jordan VII, Nike Air Force 5 and the Nike Air Max 180.

When you look at the Air Jordan Zoom 92, the inspiration is clearly visible. Small details, cuts and elements have been adopted, reworked and redesigned. The mid-cut sneaker has the special feature of the Air Zoom cushion on the front foot. This provides a proper bounce and a comfortable feeling. The modern reinterpretation of the three silhouettes has not only been created for the court, but also for the street. The sporty and casual look meets the spirit of today. The 90s vibe of inspiration is brought together just on point and trimmed for the future. The Air Jordan Zoom 92 is a unisex style.

The 92 is an allusion to the 1992 Dream Team, and the number “9” on the heel is particularly strong, reflecting MJ’s Dream Team jersey number. The designers adopted the heel patch of the Air Jordan VII to create this great detail.

In the video we tested the new Air Jordan Zoom 92 directly on the court. At the same time, we also took pictures of it just for you.