In a time before the Internet, home shopping was the got-to commerce platform. Even though there are still some stations around that show such continuous advertising programs, the format is rather entertaining than to take seriously. A sneaker that fits exactly into this era is the Reebok AZ79. A retro runner that appeared on the market in the late 70s, similar to home shopping. That’s why we shot a home shopping infomercial for the comeback of the Reebok AZ79. All the features and benefits of the Runner are listed in the commercial:

  • lightweight cushion
  • Durable nylon upper material
  • Padded PORON 4000 insole
  • D-Ring lacing system
  • aesthetic colorways

In addition to the nylon upper, the Reebok AZ79 has a suede mudguard, which gives the sneaker exactly the vintage look we all love. Even though the sneaker was released in 1979, this style carries the vibe and aesthetics that are still so popular today. The simple retro runner comes without a lot of frills and focuses on the essential design elements of a sneaker.

Commercial in Commercial

In addition, we have also placed an advertisement in our teleshopping program. The actors in it are the Cologne rappers Lugatti & 9ine, who are advertising for the Another Man’s Treasure Vintage Market in Cologne. Just as interesting as the Vintage market are the sneakers they are wearing. On their feet, they have the brand new Reebok CL Leather AZ. The sneaker is the evolution of the Reebok AZ79 and the Reebok Classic. The CL Leather AZ combines the best features of both retro runners. The midsole and outsole are clearly from the AZ79 and the upper has the simple vector design of the Classic. This new sneaker is meant to combine the aesthetics of both retro styles and bring them into the year 2020. The charm and style of the Reebok CL Leather AZ definitely meet today’s zeitgeist, where fashion and technology of the 90’s are experiencing a second high.

Another Man’s Treasure

Out of love for second-hand consumption, experience of sneaker fairs where too few clothes were offered and the very limited vintage market offer for men, the project “Cellardoor Markets” – a flea market by men for men – was created a few years ago.

The range of clothes on offer also differs significantly from that of a normal “flea market”, there is a lot of exclusive clothes on offer that you won’t find anywhere else!

After the first events were able to arouse a lot of interest in the community, the already 7th edition will now take place on 15.08. at the Greatlive Cologne in the Luxemburger Str. 41-43. The event will take place from 13-21H and the entrance will be according to the current COVID-19 regulations and only with mouth protection.

So if you want to support a unique vintage market concept, you should definitely visit Another Man’s Treasure at the Greatlive on August 15th! See you there…


Lugatti & 9ine are a rap duo from Cologne and have been making some big waves. Within a very short time, they have managed to stir up the German rap game. They embody exactly the spirit of today’s youth culture – both musically and fashionably. They stand for “La Kölsche Vita” like nobody else – hang out with the boys, the FC, delicious Kölsch and much more! No wonder, since the two themselves come from the south of Cologne and have dedicated their first EP “50999” directly to their quarter Sürth in the south of Cologne, which is located directly at the Rhine. Their producer Traya provides them with a lot of 808-bass and they have also been able to work with the guys from BHZ from Berlin and OG Keemo’s producer Frank, with whom they released their last collabo EP “Tempo”. You can find both of them on Instagram under their label @kinderderkueste and @_lugatti_ & @9inebro.

Zum Reebok AZ 79

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