AFEW STORE and gutenachtbus

Together with the @gutenachtbus project, we collect donations in kind for homeless people in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. You can find the donation box at our AFEW STORE – Oststrasse 36 – 40211 Düsseldorf.

The @gutenachtbus is an initiative of vision:teilen e.V. that exists since 2011 and helps to care for homeless and needy people in Düsseldorf. Together with fiftyfifty, a non-profit organization that assists homeless people with many different projects, the night help was established.

The teams consist of volunteers. The bus travels to the old town and the main train station every evening from Monday to Thursday throughout the year.  Here the helpers distribute food, hygiene items, clothing, and equipment for the night. However, the bus serves not only as a mobile dining and consulting room but also as a means of transporting people in emergencies. The gutenachtbus is the counterpart to the facilities that take care of homeless and needy people during the day. At temperatures below 0°C, the team around the gutenachtbus is also active in outreach activities.

The following things are needed: