Our redesigned Store

Welcome to our redesigned Store and a big thanks to the guys from @redbeard_interior.

Together with the team from @redbeard_interior, we redesigned our Store. The green floor changed to a blank grey concrete similar underground. With wood details in brown and black, we highlighted the white and black magnetic walls.

In the middle of the store, you can now find a little tower out of wood. Inside you can find a little Sen Garden. The tower and the new wood details on the side and the front windows offer more space not only for sneakers but also for exclusive apparel pieces. Linen elements decorate the wooden elements and bring even more of the nature aspect into the design. Plants all around the store bring in a green nature contrast.

Another special upgrade is the newly designed dressing room. Wood and linen aren’t the only upgrades. The floor is a wood box with a glass cover. Underneath you can also find a second little Sen Garden. When you try on the clothes and apparel pieces it seems as if you are hovering over the Sen Garden.

Beneath the new details in a natural design, you can go around and not only look at the sneakers and apparel pieces but also at some art pieces from @artist_takumi_ogataNatural elements and materials meet a combination of a modern and Japanese interpretation.

So come around and have a look.