XC72 – Three of the Best

The design concept of the XC72 from New Balance reflects the trend of retro-futurism. Retro-futurism on the one hand as the future is seen from the past and on the other hand, the past is seen from the future.

The newly developed concept around the New Balance XC72 is based on the running shoes of the 70s. The upper is made of nylon with suede overlays. Inspiration of the sole can be found in New Balance’s 1979 “Three of the Best” campaign. Here, the three soles of running shoes are combined into one. The soles of the New Balance 375, XC15, and the 620 merges into one. This feature also stands out because of the two-tone sole, as well as the different shapes. Mudguard and heel are protected by special sole units. At the toe, the sole extends upward like a mudguard, while at the heel, the sole extends beyond the silhouette.



The New Balance U XC-72 AA1 Redefine is designed in gray tones. Whereby the individual elements are once again set off from each other in terms of color. In contrast, the XC-72 Legacy from New Balance is dressed in a more colorful upper. The light blue upper is interrupted by overlays in a darker blue, black, and beige. Another highlight is the yellow tongue, which gives the shoe another colorful touch.