AFEW Unity Jam Block Party

Unity. In our time, it should be self-evident and for the highest good. It introduces our national anthem, is propagated in the media and politically, but is usually only lived in small circles.

Even though we at AFEW are committed to these values, we must remind ourselves every day to live them, because unity cannot be taken for granted. Especially in the current time, when borders are raised again and political camps are set against each other, we want to stand for cohesion. That’s why we’re celebrating the AFEW Unity Jam Block Party on Saturday, September 3, 2022, and cordially invite you to join us.

In addition to Free BBQ and Free Drinks, the event has much more in store for you. An Open Streetball Court for Everyone, a spectacular dunk show as well as artistic dance performances is waiting for you. And the whole thing will be musically accompanied by Taimles’ DJ live set. Of course, the little ones among us won’t be left out either, there will also be a supporting program for the sneakerheads of tomorrow.

But that’s not the only reason to celebrate: We would like to put focus on our successful cooperation with AWO and at the same time also celebrate the release of the new Air Jordan IV Retro “Black Canvas”. In addition, the African Community Empowerment e.V. will also introduce itself at the event. In addition to all the charitable causes, AWO helps refugees integrate into their new homes and the job market. We at AFEW could also benefit from our partner’s charitable efforts, as this is how our valued team member Alpha and AFEW crossed paths.

Alpha’s story

Alpha had to flee from unrest in his home country Guinea and build a completely new existence here in Germany. Through AWO, contact was made between Alpha and us and now he is an integral part of our team. He is doing an apprenticeship in our fulfillment department. We are grateful to AWO for their work and want to say thank you during the AFEW Unity Jam. That’s where the “Black Canvas” release of the Air Jordan IV fits right in. Because just as Alpha brings his life, which is marked by contrasts, to the canvas called life, every single one of us writes his own little stories every day.

So come to Königsberger Str. 100 (Hall B30) on Saturday, between 15:00 and 19:00. Because the AFEW Unity Jam Block Party will leave a colorful splotch on your canvas of life, too.