Together with the outdoor supplier Heimplanet, a capsule collection was created that is functional and yet perfectly integrated into the urban living space. The collection features a backpack, a T-shirt and a 5 panel cap. We found inspiration in the classic koi design. Dutch artist Kwills designed a custom “Koi Camouflage” for the collection based on the color elements. This is supposed to remind of the colored scales of the Japanese ornamental fish. The lining of the backpack and the cap is decorated with this camouflage. Also the shirt was provided with the camo print. The choice of materials ranges from nylon to suede and cotton. The release will take place on 21.05.2016 (Japan Day) at 10:30 Instore First. To match, we are hosting a event from 18:00 at our store.


The backpack made of a combination of ballistic nylon and suede and can be worn both as a backpack and as a messenger bag. The content here includes a total of 22 liters. With the 2 adjustable shoulder straps and the additionally supplied single strap, the backpack can be easily transformed into a messenger bag. The shoulder straps can be easily stowed with a handle thanks to the G-Hooks and disappear inside the backpack. So you have no annoying straps in the way, you wear the backpack as a messenger bag.  A zipper on the side allows quick access to the inside. Furthermore, there is an all-around zipper on the front that can be opened completely. The laptop compartment is located laterally behind the sidezip and is kept under lock thanks to Velcro. The co-branding was discreetly designed. These can be found on the shoulder straps and on the front.


Matching the backpack comes the 5 panel cap and the shirt. The 5 panel cap also includes the “Koi Camouflage” as a lining in the cap. The material used is the finest suede, which is divided into 3 colors. Black is the main color that adorns the entire upper part. The visor comes in gray hue above, as well as red in the lower visor area. Again, the branding has been minimalist. An “Afew Home Planet” box logo can be found here on the front. In addition, there is a small label with the “Afew lettering” on the adjustable strap on the back.


Also with the shirt, the quality is in the first place, produced from 100% durable combed cotton. Of course, the Koi Camouflage may not be missing here, as well as the logos of “Heimplanet” and “Afew”. The release of the complete Capsule Collection will take place on Japan Day which falls on 21.05.2016. All 3 items will be available for purchase in-store first.


See you on 21.05.2016!!!


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