Afew x Asics “Koi” Campout + Release Recap

Wow Wow Wow… What more can we add. 3 days of campout. People from all over Europe camped out in front of our store for our “Asics x Afew Koi” collabo.

From Bremen to Hamburg, Berlin, Rotterdam and London they were all there. We laughed a lot, drank a lot of beer, ate pizza, new and old friendships came to life. Everyone who was there made it what it was in the end. The biggest campout ever held in Germany.

Also the weather god was on our side except for a few small interruptions. Except for a few drops, all shoes stayed dry. Even the media didn’t let themselves be left behind. From TV interviews to newspaper articles, everything was there. And even when we thought we couldn’t top all this, the good people from Asics came and promptly put an aquarium in the store with an almost looking koi.

When it was finally time on Saturday we got a visit from our good friend the magician Yuta. The campers and also our team could not get out of the amazement. Damn the guy just let cards disappear and suddenly they reappear in his wallet. Even the last unbeliever was convinced in the end.

The release went smoothly and we could not have wished for better. The street food kitchen around Waya Food supplied the hungry crowd. Sandwiches and Miso soup. A better strengthening could not have wished for after 3 days campout.

After 6 hours of release it was over and with a crying but also laughing eye we were allowed to watch our koi. Just nice to see when the boxes were opened and the Afew x Asics were strapped directly to the foot. If you were to line up all the photos taken of our Koi on this day, you would probably be able to circumnavigate the globe. Here, too, we can only thank those who were there. There are simply incredible photos that have made us all proud.

All the invested time, the sweat, the goose bumps and also a little bit of fear has completely paid off. Simply incredible and an event that will always be remembered by all of us thanks to all who were there. Thank you. Team Afew


ND8_7865 ND8_7866 ND8_7875 ND8_7877 ND8_7883 ND8_7886 ND8_7890 ND8_7892 ND8_7900 ND8_7903 ND8_7904 ND8_7909 ND8_7918 ND8_7923 ND8_7932 ND8_7934 ND8_7936 ND8_7937 ND8_7941 ND8_7947 ND8_7955 ND8_7964 ND8_7967 ND8_7971 ND8_7979 ND8_7983 ND8_7988 ND8_7995 ND8_8006 ND8_8022 ND8_8025 ND8_8038 ND8_8040 ND8_8048 ND8_8049 ND8_8050 ND8_8066 ND8_8068 ND8_8074 ND8_8081 ND8_8089 ND8_8107 ND8_8116 ND8_8118 ND8_8134 ND8_8151 ND8_8189 ND8_8194 ND8_8201 ND8_8211 ND8_8223 ND8_8225 ND8_8235 ND8_8239 ND8_8249 ND8_8251 ND8_8257 ND8_8260 ND8_8267 ND8_8280 ND8_8284 ND8_8287 ND8_8292 ND8_8314 ND8_8321 ND8_8323 ND8_8329 ND8_8334 ND8_8341 ND8_8358 ND8_8370 ND8_8398 ND8_8399 ND8_8402 ND8_8414 ND8_8417 ND8_8420 ND8_8434 ND8_8446 ND8_8478 ND8_8481 ND8_8490 ND8_8494 ND8_8497 ND8_8504 ND8_8507 ND8_8520 ND8_8525 ND8_8528 ND8_8530 ND8_8535 ND8_8540 ND8_8544 ND8_8555 ND8_8576 ND8_8612 ND8_8626 ND8_8630 ND8_8669


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