Air Force 1 “Color of the Month” – with Willie Stark

The Air Force 1 – a combination of past, present, and future.

First released in 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 is probably the most famous retro basketball sneaker from Nike. It has firmly established itself in the street style and hip-hop scene and counts as an important part of the community. But in 1984, the Air Force 1 was still on the verge of possible retirement. A Baltimore-based sports store recognized the potential and asked for personalized colorways. The “Color of the Month” series was born.

The current release of the AIR FORCE 1 LOW RETRO celebrates a part of Nike’s history. A combination of high-quality materials and the mix of white and red leather make the Air Force 1 a real eye-catcher. In addition to its looks, it also impresses with its technology. The AF1 was the first shoe from Nike with a complete Air sole and has remained an all-around talent that is perfect for everyday wear.

Its versatility is a perfect fit for Düsseldorf-based professional dancer and choreographer @itswilliestark. Born and raised in Paris, Willie now lives in Germany. As an artist and model, she is always on the move. Constantly creative in expression and never restless. For her, the day seems to have 48 hours instead of 24.

Currently, she organizes two dance theater productions and is also involved in three other projects. Even though her everyday life is not like a normal one and she is constantly busy juggling all her appointments, she is happy with the way she is going.

The sturdy and durable Nike Air Force 1 is the perfect companion for every day.

You can check out Willie’s full story here.