Mizuno “Desert Meditation Pack”

Mizuno’s “Desert Meditation Pack” finds its inspiration in the deserts of the world and the inner balance they give. Deserts surround a mysterious vibe. In the emptiness and apparent solitude, the soul finds its peace and balance.

The pack consists of the Mizuno Wave Rider 10, the Wave Prophecy LS, and the Wave Mujin LS D1. All three models feature the same colorway. The beige upper is made more vibrant with slight tonal and atonal contrasts. With the light blue details, the oases in the desert are picked up in the design. The premium materials are a mix of Pig Skin Nubuck combined with a technical mesh upper.

The mixture of the material mixes and the gradations of beige tones pick up on the versatility of the desert. Because even though deserts look drab and monotonous at first glance, they feature broad facets of sand imagery and plays of light in the dunes. This naturalness can be found in the deserts as a design model, as well as in the Mizuno “Desert Meditation Pack”.