ASICS GT-II™ “Uplifting Pack” by AFEW

During our collaboration with ASICS, we started talking about doing more than just a sneaker collab. As ASICS has ties with the @stark_gegen_depression a German Depression Support, we wanted to contribute to creating more awareness for depression and mental illnesses.

While thinking about the concept behind it, we talked to lots of our friends & family, and we were touched by one story especially. Erol’s personal experience delivered lots of insight on the topic of depression. Based on that, we came up with a design for the special box and ideas for content. To look up and be comfortable in doing so, was something that was recommended to him by his therapist at the time. If you’re not having the best of times, it’s often hard to keep your head up. To look up and be positive. And this is something we wanted to show with the design.

The “Uplifting Pack”

As a result, we designed two colorways of the GT-II™, which are released as the ASICS GT-II™ “Uplifting Pack” by AFEW. One in different shades of grey and the second one featuring tan, brown, and salmon colors. Both pairs feature a very premium and diverse mix of materials. The brain graphic on the insole and partly translucent outsole complete the package. The diverse mix of materials was influenced by the complexity of the mind and our brain. One colorway features different shades of grey with a material mix of cord, perforated suede, and hairy suede. While the brown colorway features brown, grey, and frosted rose as its colors. As well as a material mix of coated leather, nubuck, perforated suede, and hairy suede. As a surprise, it also features brush-away materials that might show you that things aren’t always like they might seem at first sight.⁠

The small details make this project a very special one for us. It builds more awareness for mental health inside our community and beyond. 10% of the proceeds from this special release will be donated towards the German Depression Support.