Deutschrap Next Up – Meet Sadi

If you’ve been following the German underground scene for the last few years and haven’t heard of Sadi yet, it’s about time! The Viennese rapper has been making music for a few years now and has been able to shine in the last two years not only through features with people like Makko but also through his album released at the end of last year. Without anticipating too much… let’s let him speak for himself.

Hey Sadi, how are you? For the people who don’t know you yet, please introduce yourself and tell us what you do.

Hey, my name is Sadi, I’m from Vienna and I make music. I also have a little brand, which I hope you’ll hear about once I have more time for it. Now I’m doing more “Sadi-Merch” with it.

Towards the end of last year your album “SADI (Emotional Archive)” was released. It’s easy to hear that your sound stands out from other German rap artists. Where was your inspiration for the album, but also for previous projects?

Yes, totally. So the album was already 2 years old at the time of the release, but you can’t hear it (unless you know me personally). I also like that when you make music, it doesn’t sound like what’s out there right now. That’s very important to me – so make a new sound, sound different, and then you can also let an album sit for 2 years haha.

Inspiration itself I get almost only from my own life and environment. Sometimes I also fantasize about and describe situations that I have observed or know from myself before and can put myself in.

There are two feature songs on the album, both with LAVENDER. In 2021 you also collaborated with Makko on “Uno”. Where does the connection to Germany come from?

I just really like those guys. Lavender has become one of my really good friends in the meantime and then it was just logical. If you celebrate with each other and hang out a lot, make music together.

On the album, you show yourself from a very emotional and honest side. How does your music help you to deal with your private struggles?

Very much. At the moment I often don’t have that feeling – rather that I get into it and make everything worse, but in retrospect, I always see it as important to express myself, because otherwise, I don’t like to talk about it. Somewhere it just has to come out haha.

Your career so far was also influenced by Corona for more than two years. To what extent has the pandemic influenced you in your private life as well as a musician?

A little bit. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with the pandemic but I hate just sitting around, I always have to do something. Now after this weird covid time, I noticed that I don’t go out for 2 days without noticing it haha.

In your texts, your interest in fashion is also quickly clear. In 2016, you were also occasionally seen in videos on the YouTube channel “Chrezzee”. What were your first contacts with sneakers and fashion like?

Yes totally haha – it’s cool that you know that.

So I’ve always been interested – I couldn’t stand it very early on when someone told me what to wear. I always dressed myself when I was a kid and sometimes, I got made fun of at school for wearing tight jeans or pink t-shirts or huge polos, back then from that Kanye Era.

Chrezzee is a good friend of mine, who also taught me a lot in the beginning – not necessarily style-wise, but rather how to behave in the scene, how to respect the product and the work behind it, and things like that. He also has his own brand now and does it very differently than everyone else – focuses a lot on added value and quality.

I also find it a pity that this has not yet found so much appeal and now without begrudging anyone, a brand like Peso is so much bigger. Actually, he is also the father of it haha.

What brands are you celebrating today?

Totally mixed. I’d say I don’t really care which brand it is and I rarely like bold brand names on anything, but right now I’m celebrating Alyx by far the most. Y/Project is also very nice and otherwise, I wear meanwhile very gladly 1of1 Pieces. A friend of mine – Dennis Rana – made me an over-the-top jacket the other day, you’ll definitely see it somewhere soon (;

What’s coming up for you in 2023 and what can we look forward to?

I have made a lot of music and want to show everything here – so in any case an album in the first half of the year and then in the best case still immediately the next one follows.

I’m also getting serious with 2 AM for the first time this year – beanies, socks, hoodies, and some more small accessories.

Finally, any last words?

Thanks for the interview. Thanks to everyone who read this far, I hope it was interesting somewhere. Take care of yourselves and do what you want. Sadiii <3