Downstream towards Hamburg | Afew X Heimplanet

Afew X Home Planet “Year Of The Orange Koi”

Coming soon. The Japan Day 2018 is getting closer and closer and with it, the release of our collaboration with Heimplanet: The Afew X Heimplanet “Year Of The Orange Koi” Capsule Collection. But before the release is pending with us in Düsseldorf, the journey of the koi went somewhere else…. It went to the Hanseatic city of Hamburg to our colleagues from Heimplanet.

Besides the new “Year of the Orange Koi” collection, the guests also got a little journey through the “Afew Koi” history. This ranged from the first handmade Asics Gel-Lyte III “Koi” to the latest “Rise of the Koi” collection from last year. Additionally, guests were able to try on the new backpack and get an idea of the upcoming collection.

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The release of the Afew X Heimplanet “Year Of The Orange Koi” Capsule Collection will take place with us in Düsseldorf on 26.05.2018. And for those who can not be present, the collection will go online at 13:00 on the same day. Until then, check out the photos from the launch in Hamburg at Heimplanet. Have fun!


Afew X Heimplanet “Year Of The Orange Koi”