ON Cloud Hi Edge Defy – Lookbook

There are very few recent brands that truly deserve the spotlight. Most of great labels we know and love have a rich historical background, sponsored athletes on all levels and so on. But ON, since 2010 and out of the blue, revolutionized the sensation of running.

Merging sneaker culture, athletic performance and alpine experiences all in one, the urban-like ON Cloud Hi Edge Defy is known to be ultralight with a ventilated engineered construction. This new category of footwear is best for everyday wear, but can deal with harsher elements if needed, if and when you put them to the test.

These ON Cloud Hi Edge Defy display high-contrast hues as well as a strap-tool for easy fastening, aesthetically inspired by the so-called ski-boot. The silhouette is unique Alpine-ready, boasting technology from every side and angle. Its CloudTec® outsole in Helion superfoam show a bold yet sophisticated look, pushing every single limit we know of. As expected, soft landings followed by explosive take-offs do not come on its own.

Around here, we all love running on clouds, hence this special and exclusive outdoor shoot, enhancing all the unique characteristics and setting the mood for the ON(e) – and only – Cloud Hi Edge Defy. From the Swiss Alps to the world, we all know how Winter bites hard, unless you are sitting on a Brazilian beach. As such, this mountain-runner is the perfect weapon to fight back against the colder climate.

Defy the elements. Defy convention. Don’t miss them!

Release: 03.12.2020 – 00:00 AM – ONLINE FIRST

Afonso Piinheiro