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The Cloudnova stands for movement, highlighting those who seek to express themselves throughout the city’s energy and connection with other creatives. Over the course of the year, On will collaborate with global artists, community partners and a network of ambassadors to tell their stories and shine a light on the different Cloudnova models dropping this season.⁠

Aaron Brucklacher – Interview

Hi Aaron, please introduce yourself.

My name’s Aaron Brucklacher, 29, born and raised in Germany. My passion is fashion and I started screen printing textiles pretty much exactly one year ago, as it was really interesting to me to start designing my own stuff. I got really good feedback from my community and I started to get more and more inquiries which made it possible for me to turn my passion into a full-time job.

What inspires you and your work?

I’m massively inspired by old punk pictures that my dad showed me when I was really young. In particular I’m talking about the style of the famous band „The Clash“. On the contrary I also fell in love with Dancehall music and the afro-diasporic scene when I was young, which inspire me on a daily basis. I also have one person in particular, who inspired me to pursue fashion, which is Bent (Angelo Jensen) and his label „Herr von Eden“.

How would you describe your personal style?

My fashion choices clearly come from a punk attitude, which means I want to break stereotypes with the way I dress. Style wise I draw a lot of inspiration from the Dancehall scene which has a very unique style of its own. The mix of both results in a very in-your-face and colorful style that you basically see no one else wearing. I also apply the same attitude to my own statement pieces I make, the reaction I want to get is like: „Ba-Boom what’s that coming around the corner?“, you know?

Right now we’re in your own studio and apartment. How did you find this space?

This building actually is a piece of my childhood. We used to be here, when my brother and me were younger because my father also had his studio located in this building. The Kölner Strasse definitely was a lot more rough back in the days, but my brother and me still used to play in all the back alleys and also saw some stuff we probably shouldn’t have seen back then. Nowadays all the entries are blocked by gates and things have gotten a little more clam even though this still is a very lively street. Being able to move into this building definitely was a „back to the roots“ moment for me and I’m glad I was able to secure it through my network I have built up over the years.

That sound great man, what are your future plans?

My biggest goal right now is to establish my label 11SIXTY7 because I’m convinced it could be something new and exciting for people. I want to create classic streetwear with oversized shirts and cool prints as well as statement 1-of-1 pieces that are very unique. For example it could be pants with added zippers and other details with a big allover print on the legs. It would be nice to see people being in that state of mind and saying: „Hey, today I’ll be wearing Aaron’s crazy pants and just be bold and feel great about myself“, that’s what I want to accomplish. Specifically I want to be the number one address in Düsseldorf for unique and experimental finishes of garments to question fast-fashion trends and give some alternatives.

Finally, let’s talk a little more about your love for Düsseldorf and what you’re doing besides fashion?

Right now I’m very excited to collaborate with you guys because you’re one of the stores and brands I was able to see grow from the beginning and it’s very nice to see! Also I like to engage myself in the culture of our city. For example I organized a blockparty in Oberbilk, which is a rough part of our city where I wanted to bring some opportunited to just escape and have a good time. We had workshops done by local rappers, live music and a basketball court to play on. In many ways I see myself I see myself as the link between the streets and the part of street culture that includes music, fashion and everything else that comes with it. Also, I’m still really young and clearly see myself on the left side oft he political spectrum where I like to participate as well – we have organized demonstrations and rallies, for example the „Black Lives Matter“ protest in Düsseldorf, which was one of the biggest in Germany. And of course that side oft hings inspires me in my work as well. I mean everything is not fine all the time. When I’m having a bad day I just like to take some pants and let my creativity flow freely. Channeling those emotions can also lead to great things!

Thanks Aaron, those were nice closing words. Thanks for the talk and all the best for your future.

Instagram: @barney.druckmacher@11eleven6sixty7seven


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