For this year’s Nike Air Max Day 2020 Nike did it again. With the Japanese colleagues from Atmos, Nike gives us another collaboration. To this end, the two parties are taking up the theme of “Duck Camo” once again. In 2013 the Nike Air Max 90 was released with the Duck Camo and the infrared details like the OG.

Now, for the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 90, a “reverse” version is coming, where the infrared details have been swapped with the black elements. The result is an Air Max 90 with Duck Camo on the side panel and Infrared Mesh. At the same time, the Japanese also added the Duck Camo theme to the all-new Nike Air Max 2090, a sporty and futuristic sneaker with a simpler look than the Air Max 90. The Duck Camo is easily visible through the mesh on the upper. And like the Air Max 90 OG the Air Max 2090 gets an Air window in Infrared. In general, many elements of the Air Max 90 have been transferred to the new silhouette.


Of course, we have also thought of something special for the Air Max Day 2020. We asked you on Instagram what your idea of the ultimate sneaker box is. You wanted a wooden box – check. You wanted a box that protects against wind and weather – check. The result is the AFEW Duck Camo Boat!

Inspired by the two sneakers, we have adapted the boat accordingly. Together with our Homie Kish Kash from the UK we made a video for you, where you can see the whole boat again. But the AFEW Duck Camo Boot is not just there to stand around. You have the chance to win this unique boat!

Nike Air Max Day 2020 | AFEW STORE

Kish Kash @kishkash1