Afew Goods x Masta Ace | ONE IN A LIFETIME CONCERT

For the launch of our new brand Afew Goods, we are organizing a unique concert in January with the hip-hop legend Masta Ace. For this special event, we will be going to the rotunda of the Tonhalle in Düsseldorf. The tracks of Masta Ace will be accompanied by the Takeover! Ensemble. Two different worlds that come together – hip-hop and classic. The whole spectacle takes place on 23.01.2020. A date that you should definitely mark in bold on your calendar.

Streetwear meets Sustainability

With the Afew Goods Project we want to connect the world of streetwear and sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to create a product that is convincing through quality, style and exclusivity, but also offers the advantages of a transparent, local and sustainable supply chain. For more information check the Afew Goods website, as well as the Instagram channel @afewgoods_.

Masta Ace feat. Takeover!

The first collection from Afew Goods is all about nostalgia. Masta Ace plays an essential role in this. Because his music conveys exactly the feelings of nostalgia that shaped Afew and made it what we are today. But simply designing a collection without asking the legend would not be okay, would it? That’s why we flew to New York City to meet Masta Ace in person. At the same time we also took the opportunity to ask him if he would like to give an one of one concert in Düsseldorf. He did not think about it for long and agreed with us! Now we also had to coordinate the event with our good buddy Miki Kekenj, who leads the Takeover! ensemble. And he also agreed and it was done!