AWO Ausbilderherz 2022

Since the end of 2020, we have been working with the AWO and specifically the “Startchance” project. The project has set itself the task of giving young refugees without a secure residence status a perspective.

Alpha & Abou started with an internship with us. Alpha has meanwhile started his apprenticeship and with Abou, we are currently still waiting for the Go to enable him to do an apprenticeship with us as well.

The “Ausbilderherz” is a prize awarded for exemplary commitment to promoting and supporting the professional development of young people. The award ceremony takes place as part of the “Hallo Chef*in” trainee fair.

By working together, we have gained two young, motivated employees who have fitted in super with the team. We naturally want to continue our work with AWO and motivate other companies to give young people a perspective.

If we have now been able to spark the interest of other companies or if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

You can find more information at AWO or Hallo-Chef*