ON Running Cloudmonster Lumos

We tested the new Lumos collection and the ON Running Cloudmonster Lumos during a run through Düsseldorf and thus started our AFEW Sports Club.

“Get weird in the Dark” is the motto of the new campaign for the ON Running Cloudmonster Lumos. Here, an innovative look meets outstanding performance and technology, in true ON fashion. This combination mixed with safety aspects makes the Lumos collection a perfect companion for an evening or even night run. Even on a cool and foggy morning, the collection is both safe and chic gear.

The Lumos collection is mainly for young runners who don’t just want to track exactly how fast and far they can run. The focus is more on making it feel good and, of course, look good. The collection combines eye-catching and edgy style with safety, thanks to the light-reflective design.

Gear for those who want to discover the world in the dark. Innovation mixed with performance and design. In the ON Running Cloudmonster Lumos, combined CloudTec elements absorb impact shock, while the Speedboard provides powerful acceleration.