Reebok Dusty Warehouse Pack

After the success of the first Dusty Warehouse concept by Reebok, now follows another Dusty Warehouse Pack. The concept is continued in the second season and continues to convince with the design of artificial obsolescence. Thus, the shoe looks as if it had lain untouched in a shoe box since the 80s. This feeling of rediscovering the shoe is conveyed further and brings out the special charm of the pack.

Instead of a monotonous color concept, the Dusty Warehouse Pack captivates with color accents. The pack consists of three colorways that are found on two different models. An upper in a chalk colorway serves as the basis.

One is the Club C Revenge, which was introduced in the UK back in 1987. The Club C Revenge comes in two colorways. The original Columbia Blue colorway is reissued for the first time ever. Accompanied by a new colorway with beige accents in a weathered style. Combined with the chalk upper, the shoes thus give a true vintage feel. The model celebrates its 35th anniversary at the same time.

On the other hand, the Reebok Classic Leather Plus in the popular green Revenge Plus Vintage colorway from the archive, which thus completes the pack.