Between music videos, young artists and fashion – Meet Alex Bogenschütz

Alexander Bogenschütz belongs to the new generation of art directors. On his way, he has already worked with people like Rin, Yung Hurn, and Badchieff. Find out what else Alex does and can do here.

Hi Alex! Please introduce yourself and explain briefly what you do.

Moin! My name is Alex, I’m 29 years old and I’ve been working in the spectrum of art direction for several years. I try to categorize myself as little as possible; boundaries are rather the attraction for my creative work.

What was your first contact with the streetwear and sneaker scene? What has changed since then?

My first contact with the streetwear scene came through hip hop and rap music, pretty simple. When it came to making money for the first time, there was no other option for me but the local streetwear store.

Since then, pretty much everything has changed. Stores have gone online and started promoting themselves internationally.

The resell market was still analog and only once a year at Sneakerness in Rotterdam. Items were more exclusive and therefore even more in the collector’s niche. This has changed drastically over the last decade, with portals like StockX or Grailed.

For some time now you’ve also been shooting music videos for people like Yung Hurn, Fergy53, or Badchieff. How important have clothes and sneakers become in the rap scene?

Huge! For me, it seems that now, due to the large selection of artists and musicians, it’s mostly about the brand behind the artist. Accordingly, identifications and statements about garments and looks are more important than ever.

In the case of the listed artists, I believe that this is exactly why they are where they are. Unique looks, their own interpretations, and certain know-how.

Where did the motivation come from to launch your brand TREFFPUNKT and how did you get in touch with the co-founder Deniz?

My motivation has always been to have the creative leadership in my own hands and above all, to be able to execute my own ideas and publish them in the way I envisioned.

The first contact with Deniz was back then in the MRQT in Stuttgart. A streetwear boutique where I was the store manager and buyer for several years.

What are the next steps concerning TREFFPUNKT?

At TREFFPUNKT we work in chapters and try to distance ourselves from the old fashion schedule. Besides a lot of new designs outside the textile world, we are trying to develop the community aspect and focus more on the feeling around the product. Therefore, you can all stay curious.

Besides TREFFPUNKT there is also Organization Boyz Worldwide. Please explain to the readers what Organization Boyz is and how it works.

Organization Boyz can be seen from two perspectives. First, it is a multimedia platform for artists of any cosmos: whether film, satire, music, or live events. The Organization Boyz does what the name promises. And the second perspective is the basis of the creation of this brand. And that is, quite clumsily, my personal playground and “Finsta” account.

Why do you think it’s important that platforms like Organization Boyz exist?

Organization Boyz is especially important for young artists. We try to build the bridge from underground to mainstream and help the artist to look behind the scenes of the industry.

What projects can we expect in the future and where do you see Organization Boyz in 5 years?

Our focus is currently on developing our sub-heading “OrgaMusic” where we produce official and exclusive music videos for up-and-coming artists, film them and distribute them through our channel. We’re also working on a bigger podcast concept that gets a lot of people from the second row on the microphone and doesn’t conform to the usual HipHopMedia presence, more on that in fall.