Just over a year after the release of Afew Goods’ first runner, the Yamasura “Soil”, the release of the second colorway of the in-house silhouette is set for October 1: the Yamasura “Dawn”.

The inspiration

The release of the “Soil” was a resounding success for Afew Goods. Our design was well-received among sneaker enthusiasts, and the limited number of pairs sold out instantly. Actually a great success to rest on, but not at Afew Goods.

In the past year, a lot of time was invested in research to hone the second design of the Yamasura. In the process, the motto “Dawn” was created, because the sunrise stands for departure. The chance to make the past better in the future.

Exactly this thought is projected onto the silhouette of the Runner with the second Yamasura release. One’s own demands call for looking at the material composition to look for more sustainable alternatives to the first release.

The design

Animal products should not play a role in the Yamasura “Dawn.” Afew Goods aims to present a 100% vegan sneaker. Instead of a conventional upper, they opted for synthetic cornwaste leather for the upper.

The BLOOM Algae EVA midsole from manufacturer ForEver already proved itself with the “Soil”. Because compared to regular rubber products, one BLOOM Algae EVA midsole purifies 16 liters of water and 10 cubic meters of air.

As if wrapped in the first rays of the day, the upper of the “Dawn” shines in warm sand & nude tones, while the sole, kept in classic white, contrasts well with the upper, but at the same time harmonizes. The outsole tread is adorned by Afew feathers. A signature feature of the Afew Store and its in-house brand Afew Goods.

Check out our teaser video to get a vivid impression of the Yamasura “Dawn” or visit the Afew Goods blog for more information.